Tuesday, 5 July 2011

R E N E W ???!!!

Today case... i nak kena renwe my passport la pulak +_+' [lari bajet nak bersuka-suki ni~]. You know y? 

Even expired date kite stil lambat lagi nak abis, kne renew awl atleast 6 month b4 ok... hadoiyai~ hal ini sangat memeningkan kepala saye lah~

Sebenarnya, Oktober nanti ada company trip ke ibu negara Tembok Besar. So, dari sekarang la preparation documentation segala-bagai. Tapi nasib bagitau awal, asalnya Ting la tanya' "Sara, bila you punya passport expired?" dari situ la mula kisahnya. Bla bla bla~ 

Actual, masih banyak masa untuk renew~ kot~ Erk!! i xtahu. Alamak, dr lunch tadi i duk fikir sambil wat kerja [productive tapi selow sikit =P]

This is my Head of HR advised ::
"For your information, the passport validity of 3 months / 6 months is based on the duration of admission of the respective country.  So 6 months is the safest.

Normally, the airline personnel will check to see how long your passport is valid and they can technically deny issuance of boarding pass to passport holder who doesn't meet this requirement.

Even if the passport holder may be lucky to exit Malaysia but when entering the respective country (in this case, Beijing), he/she might get deny entry.

They are peoples who would like to take a chance, but I would strongly advise not to take a chance on ruining your tripHope this is clear to you. Do call me if you need further explanation."

So, i felt err~ emmmmm.....
happy yang xbest.
Ada ke cam tu? 
Happy sebab nak g holiday =)
xbest sebab documentation xberjalan lancar =(

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